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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Google Anchor Text and Authority: free special widget

free special widget
If you see it... you will probably agree with my post at Webmaster World (WMW)

The subject is not even reciprocal/incoming link related, neither PR nor competition nor anchor text.

Google search of "free special widget" (with quotes!) returns the only page, and it is from THIS forum. Anyone with PR0 can be on a second place right tomorrow.

Do you have exactly same sequence of tokens "free special widget" at your homepage, or at least "special widget"?

Google's queries do not remove stop words anymore; try "To be, or not to be" (without quotes), - you won't see "Too hot to be truth" like last year.


free special widget, free special widgets, and more!

Part 2:
WMW uses some kind of keyword cloacking: you will see there a lot of special widgets.

As a sample: is a very real website! It even had PR9 last month and Under Construction homepage; now PR=N/A probably because I published message at Google Groups.

My Website is repeated in so many online guides "non actual"word, ((c) WebMasterWorld).


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