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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Google Supplemental Results - in Beta since June 2002

Supplemental Index: it could be new staff for Google and some of satellite-SEOs, although Google tries to implement it properly since June 2002 at least.

Supplemental Index is well known since... June 2000, Inktomi:

Later article (Danny Sullivan):

And finally this page, open-air discussion without any technical understandings:

Just as a sample, initial versions of Google Sitemaps said that it is for webmasters who wants to submit form-based/form-submission-generated dynamic URLs to Google, which Google can't find by regular way from anchor links etc. And it failed. Google has even new rule "to restrict results pages", see another blog page.

It looks like it is smth new even for Matt Cutts ;)

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Hi Bambaria!

Just a quick hello to say hi and it's great to see you posting some great answers on Google Webmaster Help Forums - Stick Around!


Thanks The Guru,
I stopped floating 'supplemental': this is the most comprehensive source of information, Diagnostic -

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