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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


BEA Workshop, Adobe Flex!

Simply go to the shopping cart, and enter in Discount Code:


(extremely limited time offer!)

(printed without explicit permissions... ask BEA! BEA Workshop Studio 10.1 with Adobe Flex 2 & Charting)

Only for $399, even cheaper in Canada

(is US dollar really cheap? Street prices go down even faster than US$, isn't it misunderstood? - subj of another discussion, it is not related to this promotion from BEA)

You'll get the best JEE IDE. It is faster/better/smarter than MyEclipse. And it is bundled with Adobe Flex with Charting.

Retail price for Workshop Studio: about $900-$1000. Adobe Flex: $500, with charting: 750.

Of course, you can say it's tricky... it is 1-year subscription... The truth is that $399 is affordable price (for us, contractors); and it is even cheaper than possible upgrade options for "life-time" products (I never seen lifetime products... smile;) - compare with Rational XDE etc...

That's it!!!

I was thinking about Adobe Flex with Chart, and cheapest prices are around $650-$750 (do not believe if you can find cheaper via PriceGrabber, NexTag, CNET! I found some, for $280, with "academic license" in description... professional licenses are around $700).

I was using MyEclipse IDE for more than 3 years, rich functionality but not so deep... imagine how many times you needed additional plugins and XML Editor or something else crashed after non-compatible upgrade... At least I needed additionally DbVisualizer. BEA will also collaborate with DbVisualizer (currently it is SWING application, hope it will change!)

Thanks for reading this, and do not try to run through deterministic garbage collection!

Almost forgotten... I initially tried to buy from Adobe, because IDE license includes an option for deployment/debugging which is of course JRun + Adobe LiveCycle ES and which costs 10,000 itself! It provides synchronous services between JEE and Flash; asynchronous are free (you can use Spring Facade on WLS without LiveCycle).

Of course licensing agreement includes single-CPU LiveCycle ES - it is a must for Flex development. I read somewhere at Adobe that you can even use it in production (single CPU) when you buy Flex IDE.

Need to confirm.


Confirmation just arrived... Unfortunately not from Adobe, they sell it for 10k per-CPU. LiveCycle Data Services ES Express (very long name... check it frequently, they are extremely fast) is FREE.

"In addition to the clustering and load balancing restrictions detailed above, the Express version of LiveCycle Data Services ES does not include LiveCycle Remoting for easy integration with LiveCycle document and process services. In addition, the generated PDF documents using the new RIA-to-PDF feature are watermarked in the Express edition."
- we don't need that; more details at And it is production-level(!) licensing, without any restrictions (single-CPU only).
Most important: Business Facade - Flex communication is synchronous(!) with LiveCycle ES Express, and async with SOAP/REST/ etc.
Few months ago I downloaded JRun-based LiveCycle ES bundle and moved some jar files easily to Tomcat (+ separate JMS implementation and etc.). Would be nice to have WebLogic-based ES.

This article was first published at Bambarbia; LifeRay has some limitations with anonymous posting (I don't know it in depth yet) and I moved this post here... is currently powered by BEA JRockit 6 R27.3 at SuSE 10 ES, AMD64, Tomcat 6 + APR, over ADSL (700kbps upload, async), can you believe that?!!


I added some thoughts at

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