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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Shopping Price Engines - Do We Need Price Comparison?!

Do we really need "comparison"? Search for MacBook at retrieves image with box of apples (Macintosh?!)
Can't we go easier, with direct link to product page of a merchant!?

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In the United States, the first two internet comparison shopping services were Jango and RoboShopper. These services were initially implemented as client-side add-ins to the Netscape and Internet explorer browsers, and both required that additional software be downloaded and installed. After these initial efforts, comparison shopping migrated to the server so that the service would be accessible to anyone with a browser.

Currently some of the major U.S. Based comparison shopping services are Pricegrabber, Shopzilla, Dealtime, and NexTag.[citation needed] Major portals like Yahoo!, AOL and MSN also offer comparison shopping services. In the UK some of the major comparison shopping services are DealClick and CompareStorePrices as well as the aforementioned U.S. websites which also provide UK services. The financial comparison sector has seen significant growth in the Uk with a large number of new sites emerging over recent years. Such sites include Money Expert and UK Financial Options[3].

The original site still exists and has been re-targeted as a "Meta" tool which gives results from the leading comparison shopping sites, as well as product review and rating sites.

What about Dulance? I didn't have a chance to look at it... they sold themselves to Google. What He is doing in Moscow, any research? Xi-xi-xi!!!

Samples of "Description" meta tags found on Google:

- We offer you a complete and fully functional price comparison website based ... You keep 100% of any commission; Search Engine Friendly, fully customizable. ...

- Best Shopping Price Guide, that allows users to make buying decisions through compare price shopping, use our website daily on ...

- Brick Marketing offers shopping comparison & shopping feed management service to help rank well with shopping comparison sites.

- allows you to compare prices on all the most popular products. We also have product reviews by consumers like you. Our comparison shopping ...

BTW PriceGrabber is WORST one and best-SEO-optimized, including stupid ugly robots.txt file (which stupid ugly SEO follows, see WMW)...



id add best shop guide to that list. it's simple and fast!
Yes, really very attractive site:

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