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Friday, July 4, 2008


Liferay Portal, Enterprise SOA

The problem:
"Ok, I realize that anonymous blog comments are not currently available (as of v4.3.5). I'm just wondering when EXACTLY blog comments will be available (Are they currently being developed? Are the changes in the trunk and I can check it out from SVN and build from source right now? Are the changes scheduled to be done soon?) Any information would be helpful.
I'm asking because I've added the ability to do guest comments in the blogs in my own customized liferay instance. However, I had to modify the core liferay source to do it (couldn't do it with just the extension environment). So, now I'm stuck using 4.3.1 because I absolutely cannot upgrade my liferay instance without this functionality and It's been so long since I made the modifications that I'm not sure I could duplicate them. Nor do I desire to duplicate the same work over again."

Just a teaser :)

Have you tried to manage /resource-actions/blogs.xml in Liferay version 5.0.1 RC1?



You may also need to remove themeDisplay.isSignedIn() checks from /html/taglib/ui/discussion

There is also bug in ext-impl/build-parent.xml, something is missed:

Liferay 5.0.1 RC1 EXT:

1. Modify /html/taglib/ui/discussion/page.jsp, remove some code
[c:if test="<%= themeDisplay.isSignedIn() && MBDiscussionPermission.contains(permissionChecker, portletGroupId.longValue(), className, classPK, ActionKeys.ADD_DISCUSSION) %>"]
at least remove themeDisplay.isSignedIn(); it may affect all portlets using this tag - you can create your own tag indeed...

2. Look at Liferay 4.4, Portlet Development, Chapter 5, modify blogs.xml &; see also Wiki - Portlet Permissions

3. Verify MBMessageServiceImpl; you need to allow addDiscussionMessage():
use getGuestOrUserId() instead of getUserId()

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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Liferay Portal in Canada & USA: Faster Development Time!

Liferay Portal:

Linux Magazine Recognizes Liferay as a Leading Solution For Enterprise CommunicationAshley Wilson writes in the June 2008 issue, "Liferay has been around for years and it keeps getting bigger and better... From an e-commerce platform to a collaborative intranet portal, Liferay has the scalability and functionality built-in to deploy quickly and grow as the needs of the company grow. Liferay is just about the best portal/CMS out there and a superb foundation for unifying and simplifying company communication."

Behind The Scenes

You will have to work directly with source code in Extension Environment. Even if you need a little: you will have to change some html tags in JSPs.

You will have to fix some bugs.

You will have to discover that 99% overloaded CPU happens with Mozilla, and almost never with IE. Of course, never at Server Side.

You will enjoy with faster development time.


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