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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


AMD Opteron 2350 - Compare Prices!!!

Our shopping search engine is powered by Opterons only, and I created this page to check SERPs. Currently it is shown No. 152 (using excellent Google Monitor).

What about Opteron 2350... I was able to easily overclock it to 3000MHz.

From tech report:

Barcelona is a single-chip, native quad-core design. Each of those cores have been substantially revised to improve performance per clock cycle through a variety of tweaks, some big and some small. The cores now have a wider, 32-byte instruction fetch, and the floating-point units can execute 128-bit SSE operations in a single clock cycle (including the Supplemental SSE3 instructions Intel included in its Core-based Xeons). Accordingly, the Barcelona core has more bandwidth throughout in order to accommodate higher throughput—internally between units on the chip, between the L1 and L2 caches, and between the L2 cache and the north bridge/memory controller.

AMD has also added an L3 cache to the chip. That results in a cache hierarchy that includes 64KB of dedicated L1 cache and 512KB of dedicated L2 cache per core, bolstered by a 2MB L3 cache that's shared dynamically between all four cores. The total effective cache size is still much smaller than Intel's Xeons, but AMD claims its mix of dedicated and shared caches can avoid contention problems that Intel's large, shared L2 might have.

Behind this L3 cache sits an improved memory controller, still integrated into the CPU as with previous Opterons. AMD claims this memory controller is better able to take advantage of the higher bandwidth offered by DDR2 memory thanks to a number of enhancements, including buffers that are between 2X and 4X the size of those in previous Opterons and an improved prefetch mechanism. Perhaps most notably, the new controller can access each 64-bit memory channel independently, reading from one while writing to another, instead of just treating dual memory channels as a single 128-bit device.

Anyway it's good choice for Java 6 &* JRockit.


I found interesting comparison on a highly trusted site Xeon Vs. Opteron - Can AMD's new server processor blow Intel's older offerings out of the water? - Ok, I did right choice!!!

I am using Java, and I need big RAM for huge Lucene caches, Opteron outperforms everything existing by Memory Uncached Reads!!!

Thank you,

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